Welcome to Camilo Luera

Camilo is a professional Colorado actor based out of Denver, CO.  While aspiring to someday move on to Hollywood, he is proud to represent Colorado film.

Camilo is a stage and film actor, but is currently focusing on his film career and saying goodbye to the stage. Of course this is just for now, because he does love the stage. However, it was time for a change.

He looks forward to bringing his talents to the movie screen and is looking forward to joining the ranks of other Hispanic actors in the business.

As you browse his website, his future fans and family can check in on what he is doing. You can check out his previous projects and anything he may currently be working on. His Twitter feed and his Facebook page will also be there for anyone to check out.

Anyone who is looking for talent for a movie and happens to land on this website can take a look at his bio and his resume. Also, once he has enough material, his demo reel will also be posted to the website for any casting director to check out.

So please continue to come to his website. It will be updated as often as possible and always do its best to keep everyone up to date on what is going on. This is a personal journey for him that Ihe is happy to share with anyone who wants to go along for the ride. Thanks for visting.
Offered a role for the stage play Enrique's Journey, at Su Teatro. Role to be determined.

Finished a one day shoot for the short film "Silo"

Will be shooting a short film in a couple weeks.

Teaser video for Hoodie Ninjas has been shot and posted to YouTube! CLICK HERE

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions!

The planning stages of Camilo's new production company have begun...stay tuned!
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