Biography of Camilo


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The first time I ever performed was way back in second grade. My class did our rendition of  “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” My debut was as the magic mirror. Yup, the first time I was on stage I was behind a huge mirror. At least I  had all my lines on the back of the mirror, you know, just in case I forgot a line here and there.

It was another 5 years before I'd do any sort of acting again. This time it was for a competition I was in for an after school group called Oddesy of the Mind. We had to put together a play and perform it for judges. This time I didn't have a mirror in front of me.

Once again I had to take another few years off before any acting came along. This time it was my freshman year of high school and our awesome “Romeo and Juliet” scenes. We got to pick a time period and change to text to fit the times. I think I played an awesome 60s style Capulet if I say so myself. At this point, the acting bug had not hit me yet.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school and that is when I can truly say the acting bug hit me head on. I took our theatre arts course and that lead to me auditioning and landing a leading role for an amazing play called “The Inner Circle.” Later in the school year I got to work with a professional actor named Michael Orth and our class wrote an original play that we performed for the school.

During my college years, I attended Metropolitan State College of Denver and ended up getting my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. During my time at Metro, I was part of the main stage production of “A Tale of Two Cities.” I was also apart of several student directed plays, and even got the chance to direct my own one act.

After college, I spent some time in Albuquerque, NM, taking a few film acting courses under the tutelage of Laura Mathis. I have since returned to Denver and have been out and about trying to land movie roles. I plan to make a name for myself as an excellent hispanic actor.